Your best choice to improve the performance of your hotel.

With a thorough platform that engages in all areas of your business, you will have full access to the expertise and the excellence in management needed to enhance the performance of your hotel.

Brands managed by Atlantica

Why Choose Ahi

AHI’s services platform


Complete, integrated, and in-depth


Robust, compliant, and safe for your investment


Responsive, resourceful, transparent, and nimble


We have set up world-renowned brands along with vast experience in processes and results management that build up hotel performance and return for investors.

Marketing and Sales

We have been regularly updating customer journey management processes, ensuring the best profitability for our hotels.


We have standardized structures and procedures to monitor the performance of the hotels, ensuring an exhaustive control and compliance of operations.


We provide legal assistance for hotels, including contracts and litigation process management, which ensures quality and compliance with local legislation.

People and Culture

We focus on organizational models which are compatible with each hotel’s circumstances, minimizing labor risks and maximizing performance.


Our robust system, hefty infrastructure and continuous innovation ensure a high level of services and security for your hotel.

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