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Roomo Atlantica brings you a new flexible concept in renting.

Designed for flexible stay options, for your leisure travel or work assignments. Wherever you want, apartments that feel like home. All that convenience with Atlantica management, a reference in hospitality in the national market.

Roomo Flexible rental

A new way of living

Roomo is a new concept of fully furnished flexible lease housing. Studios and apartments designed to meet the guests’ daily needs, whether they are working or relaxing for days, weeks or months.

Offering a complete structure, privileged location, and hassle-free amenities with integrated technology to streamline your lease contract and make a totally seamless move-in.

Welcome to the future of housing.

Strategic in location and in lifestyle

Roomo developments have carefully designed the ambience to make it feel welcoming, charming, and contemporary. They reflect a smooth lifestyle, for those who value comfort.

Designed to attend to people who seek strategically located property close to business districts and shopping centers. The infrastructure you need for short, medium, and long-term stays.

Do you want a Roomo to call yours?

New perspectives for your property

Advantages for the proprietor:

Your property in the hands of experts and available on major platforms

  • Imóvel disponível nas principais plataformas

    Your property in the hands of experts and available on major platforms

    Boost the visibility of your property on lease and booking platforms with over a thousand sales channels.

  • Precificação inteligente

    Smart pricing

    The average rental price varies according to the lease length, location of the property and seasonality. Furthermore, your earnings may vary with price fluctuations.

  • Foco no maior retorno sobre o capital investido

    Focus on the highest return on invested capital.

    A few studies carried out forecast financial returns above the conventional rental market.

  • Transparência total

    Full transparency

    Lease reports and transparency in accountability.

  • Manutenção do imóvel

    Property maintenance

    Reduction in property depreciation because of post-rental visits, cleaning, housekeeping and maintenance

  • Comodidade no gerenciamento de despesas

    Convenience in budget management

    Handling of water, energy, and internet bills payments.

Advantages for renters:

Ideal environments for different moments of life.

Perks for the developer:

Atlantica expertise and customized service

  • Confiança Atlantica


    Roomo is part of the AHI portfolio, a company with over 24 years of experience in the Brazilian hospitality market.

  • Time comercial dedicado

    Fully dedicated
    commercial team.

    Our team of experts is ready to answer your questions and offer the best service.

  • Capacitação de corretores sobre a gestão Atlantica

    Real estate training courses under Atlantica management

    Sales materials and individualized support.

  • Apoio de comunicação

    Communication support.

    Development of Roomo communication materials, adding value to the developer's commercial management process.

  • Exposição de mercado

    Market exposure.

    Promoting the brand on national press and advertising the partnership within the trade marketing channels.

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