Dedication and
transparency when
managing your

As soon as your facility becomes part of the largest multi-brand hotel chain in
Latin America, you gain access to all the support and know-how of the
AHI Management team, and we will help you monitor of
your business results on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

We work in partnership with the General Manager and hotel sales and controllership
teams to manage the day-to-day business through our qualified Regional Service Center.

With this daily management, a full account of your hotel’s data, which you can present
to your hotel’s Council, is made available to you on AHI’s Investor portal.
This will allow you to evaluate in detail your current results and create an action plan to
guarantee the best results for your new facility.

All our available
information can be
found through our
Investor Relations Portal.

In addition to the support provided by our
Regional Service Center, you have a powerful
consultation and information tool:
the AHI Investor Relations Portal.

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Research in the
Hospitality Segment

Here you will find the latest published research
on the hospitality sector for consultation and information.

*Such research is under the responsibility of the institutes and agencies which publish them.
AHI is not responsible for the information hereby disclosed.
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