We live in a time when we are increasingly subject to situations that
require mobility and flexibility for quick and uncomplicated changes. In
this scenario, feeling at home while taking advantage of the facilities of a
well-planned, well-located home and a hub of service partners to make
this experience unique and facilitated, makes all the difference for a
customer who prioritizes well-being.

A new way of living

Atlantica Residences appears in this scenario. It is a new concept of housing, which offers apartments designed to meet the main daily needs of customers, who are looking for a space to work and rest for days, months or years. Atlantica Residences offers an easy and practical way of living at an affordable price and with a different infrastructure.
Ideal for customers who want to know in advance what they are renting and whose choices value quality and freedom. It aims at providing a complete home experience, based on technology, quality, security, comfort and practicality, all in a refined design.

Strategic in location and lifestyle

Atlantica Residences present a look and feel carefully thought out, with warm, pleasant and contemporary decor, ideal for those who want to stay at a beautiful and comfortable place, which reflects their lifestyle, without excess. They serve an market that needs a strategically located property, close to offices and shopping centers, offering comfort and
infrastructure for short, medium and long term stays.

Owner services:

Atlantica Residences – AHI

Design and

Technical consulting on customized projects that offer the best experience and
satisfaction to the end customer.

Atlantica Residences – AHI

with the

Disclosure of the property on the main rental platforms in the market.

Atlantica Residences – AHI


Rental prices will be defined based on occupancy rates, length of stay, values ​​practiced in the region, always aiming at the best profitability.

Atlantica Residences – AHI

Decoration work

Monitoring of the key stages of the decoration work, ensuring the execution of the approved project.

Atlantica Residences – AHI


We will post-lease carry out a visit ensuring the property integrity.

Atlantica Residences – AHI


We provide service channels so that the
customers can receive all the help they need before and after the

Atlantica Residences – AHI

Management of
expenses and

We manage all expenses such as water, electricity, internet, property taxes and take
care of the property maintenance.

Atlantica Residences – AHI

and tidying

We clean the apartment and change towels
and bedding.

Atlantica Residences – AHI


The amount referring to the lease is deposited monthly and we offer reports with monthly activities.

Client services:

Atlantica Residences – AHI


Walking distance from important points such as commercial buildings, universities, hospitals, shopping centers, bars and restaurants.

Atlantica Residences – AHI

Services in the
palm of the hand

Service in the palm of your hand, with application that allows you to make reservations, check-in, access the apartment, request remote service, clarify doubts and check out.

Atlantica Residences – AHI


Prices suitable for the duration of stays: short, medium and long term.

Atlantica Residences – AHI

Comfort and

Comfortable and cozy bed, good pressure and relaxing shower and high speed internet.

Atlantica Residences – AHI

Make yourself
at home

Each apartment has a kitchen equipped for the preparation of quick meals and decoration that provides a real experience of a residence.

Atlantica Residences – AHI

Dedicated sales

100% digital sales channel, where you can make the reservation and payment with your card safely, without difficulties or bureaucracy.

Atlantica Residences – AHI


Access control, on-site professional (concierge or doorman) and 24-hour virtual service.

Atlantica Residences – AHI

and tidyng

Through the application it is possible to hire cleaning and tidying services for the rented apartment.

Atlantica Residences – AHI

and leisure

Access to the common areas of the development with facilities such as shared laundry, fitness center, coworking, delivery room, among others.

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